JD R4930 with EZ Drops across all 120' pass. Y-drops cant do that.

High Clearance EZ-DROP - $450


Low Clearance EZ-DROP-$375


Economy EZ-DROP $275


High Clearance EZ-DROP - $450


The high clearance drop includes a heavy duty powder coated breakaway spring, patented quick-attach pivoting mount system and 41" stainless drop tube. 

Low Clearance EZ-DROP-$375


Designed for both pull  behind sprayers and side dress bars this drop does not require the break away spring or the stainless extension.  It does come with the quick-attach mount system with catch to assist with folding. 

Economy EZ-DROP $275


The Economy drop gets the job done with no frills.  It is simple to install with its one size fits all band and clip. It may require some creativity on your end but works in most situations.


Advantages of EZ DROP



EZ Drops are light weight and flexible, designed so you can apply over multiple planter passes using your entire boom saving you money.

EZ Drops are 100% TIG welded Stainless Steel and corrosive resistant polymers.

Easy installation, initial set up should take 1 person  a few  hours and after that no tools are required to pull the entire system. 

One person can easily remove the entire sub boom from the receiver mounts that stay out of the way on the boom without any tools in minutes.

 In the down position, drops are able to pivot and follow the row using feedback from the base of the plants which means that when you are going over multiple planter passes or on a hillside the drops stay where they belong.

Break away springs protect your boom and bounce right back all the while keeping the drop end at the base of the plant.

The patented pivot shaft allows it to go over multiple planter passes and maintain accuracy on even the most uneven terrain as well as quickly and easily fold parallel with the boom for narrow road  transport. 

Tee-Jet check valves and orifices are located in the durable stainless steel splitter achieving accuracy without the dribble. 

Variable Rate orifices are also available.

Designed to maintain accuracy even when you don't maintain your boom height perfectly taking the stress out of side dressing.

With EZ Drops you can turn anything into a side dress rig. Put them on your old pull behind sprayer, replace side dress coulters with more affordable ez drops. 

Accuracy is Everything

Apply Nitrogen directly to the base of the plant to see the largest yield gains for your dollar

Our custom extruded, long lasting poly delivers product to the base of the plant and flexes to pierce through the end rows. 

Safe and Easy Road Transport

EZ Drops installed full boom folded for road transport

EZ-Drops fold quickly and easily with the boom so that you can travel down the road taking up much less space than our competition and keeping the drops well above mailboxes and guardrails. 


Light Weight

The entire High Clearance EZ-Drop only weighs approximately 4 pounds



The EZ-Drops system allows for  a variety of metering options  


Ideal for Headlands and Hills

The light weight flexible design allows it to flex through end rows without damaging the crop and follow the contour of the ground.

Real World Operation

It takes no time at all to move from road to the field even when you are running full boom.